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Svenska Whippetklubben – Vilsta Officiell utställning 2023-03-25
LUNDSTRÖM PER, SE (Valpar + junior tikar)
LANDSVERK KIRSTEN (Övriga samt BIS-finaler), NO,
Anm: 88 (36+52) Delt: 80 (34+46) Valpar anm: 16 (8 +8 ) Delt: 12 (6+6)


BIM Fennaur Mies van der Rohe
BH-2 FI UCH SE UCH Castamere Celtic Rocker
BH-3 Twyborn Sju Vackra Gossar
BH-4 Jelistaz Prince Blue Rain Man
BIS Undimoon Aphrodite
BT-2 Twyborn Something Royal
BT-3 Cocoliso Mary Poppins
BT- Ch Undimoon Desdemona


Valp 4-6 månader hanar
1 HP Grayrory’s Ulysses [BIS Valp 4-6 mån]
2 HP Calling You Bagheera
3 Megalicious Expulso
4 Grayrory’s Understatement

Valp 4-6 månader tikar
1 HP Megalicious Mimblewimble [BIM Valp 4-6 mån]
2 HP Calling You Jewelry Box
3 Albicans Xtravagansa


Valp 6-9 månader hanar
1 HP Jelistaz Prince Down Memory Lane [BIS Valp 4-6 mån]
2 HP Jelistaz Prince Of Memory Garden

Valp 6-9 månader tikar
1 HP Jelistaz Princess Of Memory Hill [BIM Valp 4-6 mån]
2 HP Bellzelius Joyride
3 Come La Neve Between The Sheets


Juniorklass hanar
EXC-1 CK BH-3 R-Cert Twyborn Sju Vackra Gossar [BIS Junior]
EXC-2 CK Burnt Sienna Kjeragbolten
EXC-3 Ormdals Sidney
EXC-4 Run For It All Inclusive
EXC Amboryds Cullinan Diamond
EXC Burnt Sienna Lofoten
EXC House Of Cards Blackjack Of Del Rey
EXC Macawe Wild Card
EXC Ormdals Morse
EXC Run For It All Inclusive
EXC Xploring Twyborn Star
VG Grayrory’s Whirlaway
VG House Of Cards Cribbage Of Del Rey
VG Twyborn Sole Sole Sole

Juniorklass tikar
EXC-1 CK Bellzelius Icy Spicy [BIM Junior]
EXC-2 CK Chase Me Toys And Flavors
EXC-3 CK Undimoon Vildhjärta
EXC-4 House Of Cards My Queen Of Del Rey
EXC Allettes R L Estrela
EXC Redcliffe’s Fearcharah
VG Calling You Claire
VG Hopway Piece Of Cake
VG Ormdals Vera
VG Twyborn Zum Zum Zum


Unghundsklass hanar
EXC-1 CK Mac Bells Quick Witted [BIM Unghund]
VG-2 Tappinskis Acclaim

Unghundsklass tikar
EXC-1 CK BT-1 CERT BIS Undimoon Aphrodite [BIS Unghund]
EXC-2 CK BT-3 Cocoliso Mary Poppins
EXC-3 CK Play A While Constant Motion
EXC-4 Undimoon Harmonia
EXC Chase Me In The Sign Of The Octopus
EXC Gazolin Unforgettable
EXC Pompeca’s Kilroy Bambi Street
EXC Quidditch Twenty Four Reasons
EXC Softouch Turn Loose The Mermaids
EXC Vg’s Nosar Zig Zag
VG Mac Bells Queen Of Hearts

Bruksklass hanar
EXC-1 LCCH Burnt Sienna Chevron
G LCCH Miraqulix Ll Explosive

Bruksklass tikar
EXC-1 CH Bellsweets If I Can Dream
EXC-2 Hot Isle Valkyria

Öppenklass hanar
EXC-1 CK BH-1 CERT BIM Fennaur Mies van der Rohe NY CHAMPION
EXC-2 CK BH-4 Jelistaz Prince Blue Rain Man
EXC-3 CK Casadis Sparkling Galaxy
EXC-4 CK Frontrunner’s Nights In White Satin
EXC Bellzelius Nico Del Rey
EXC Blazing Keys Berry Pomeroy Castle
EXC House Of Cards My Jack Of Spades
EXC Jalessas Excelsior
EXC Jelistaz Prince Last Son Of Blue
EXC Khalibadh Famous Grouse
EXC Pompeca’s Second Cherryboy
EXC Sobresalto Nessun Dorma
EXC Sunwhipps Simply The Best
VG Bellzelius Firecracker

Öppenklass tikar
EXC-1 CK BT-2 R-Cert Twyborn Something Royal
EXC-2 CK Courtborne Mercy
EXC-3 CK Courtborne Sura
EXC-4 CK Jelistaz Princess Blue Tiger EXC Allettes Royal Pineapple
EXC SE VCH Blazing Keys Beestone Castle
EXC Jelistaz Princess Blue Moonheart
EXC Lawtons Always On My Mind
EXC Magic Colour Blond Sail
EXC Magic Colour Shape Of Glory
EXC Quidditch Roniatherobbersdaughter
VG SE VCH Albicans Unbelievable
VG Come La Neve Galadriel
VG Magic Colour Fields Of Crystal
VG Pompeca’s Second Mumbolina

Championklass hanar
EXC-1 CK BH-2 CH Castamere Celtic Rocker

Championklass tikar
EXC-1 CK BT-4 CH Undimoon Desdemona
EXC-2 CK NO UCH SE UCH Undimoon Ophelia
VG-3 EE CH RLD N Pompeca’s Close To Turmalin Quarry


Veteranklass hanar
EXC-1 Play A While Strait Of Dover [BIM Veteran]

Veteranklass tikar
EXC-1 CK CH Twyborn Mahogany [BIS Veteran]
EXC-2 CK CH Magic Colour Cosmo Chanel
EXC-3 CH Chase Me Tempest Storm
EXC-4 CH Twyborn Isabelle Rivière
EXC RLD F RLD N Pompeca’s Forever Love To Meide


1 HP UNDIMOON (Undimoon Vildhjärta, Undimoon Harmonia, Undimoon Desdemona, Undimoon Ophelia)
2 HP Twyborn (Twyborn Sju Vackra Gossar, Twyborn Something Royal, Twyborn Isabelle Rivière, Twyborn Mahogany)
3 HP Jelistaz (Jelistaz Prince Blue Rain Man, Jelistaz Prince Last Son Of Blue, Jelistaz Princess Blue Moonheart, Jelistaz Princess Blue Tiger)
4 HP House Of Cards (House Of Cards My Queen Of Del Rey, House Of Cards Blackjack Of Del Rey, House Of Cards Cribbage Of Del Rey, House Of Cards My Jack Of Spades)


BIS Hjortronblommans Quick Dance, Undimoon Vega, Undimoon Aphrodite


Undimoon Vega, Undimoon Aphrodite