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Svenska Whippetklubben – Tånga Hed Officiell utställning 2023-09-17
Anm:114 (42+72) Delt: 104 (40+64) Valpar anm: 13 (8 +5 ) Delt: 12 (7+5)

BIM Ch Skräddaregårdens Xante Zanzibar (Chkl)
BH-2 Ormdals Sidney (Ukl)
BH-3 Ch Age Quod Agis Clash Of The Titans (Chkl)
BH-4 Allettes Royal Orion (Ökl)
BIS Ch Aaniston Arrrrr
BT-2 Ch Snow Hill After Midnight (Chkl)
BT-3 Allettes Ruz Barbie Benton (Ökl) NY CHAMPION
BT-4 Jelistaz Princess Of Memory Hill (jkl)

Valp 4-6 månader hanar (2)
1 HP Jelistaz Prince Snow Blizzard [BIM Valp 4-6 mån]
2 HP Carry On Mystify Me Inxs

Valp 4-6 månader tikar (3)
1 HP Skräddaregårdens Yogas De-Luna [BIS Valp 4-6 mån]
2 HP Carry On Australia
3 HP Jelistaz Princess Snow Crystal

Valp 6-9 månader hanar (5)
1 HP Rhetsgis Catsh Me Not [BIM Valp 4-6 mån]
2 HP Minjimba Ridge In It To Win It
3. Shahnadir Snowman
4. Rhetsgis Breaking The Law
Skräddaregårdens Xanté Crumelur

Valp 6-9 månader tikar (2)
1 HP Chase Me Blood And Glitter [BIS Valp 6-9 mån]
2 HP Noritzas Don`t Stop Me Now

Juniorklass hanar (8)
EXC-1 CK Country Bärnsten [BIM Junior]
EXC-2 CK Twyborn Peppar Peppar
EXC-3 Country Blåbär
EXC-4 Twyborn Sju Vackra Gossar
EXC Grayrory’s Understatement
EXC Jelistaz Prince Down Memory Lane
VG Noritzas Gandalf
VG Xploring Twyborn Star

Unghundsklass hanar (7)
EXC-1 CK BH2 CERT Ormdals Sidney [BIS Unghund]
EXC-2 CK Avantina Forgetmenot Frangelico
EXC-3 CK Carry On Filius Flitwick
EXC-4 CK Whoonehults Hotblooded
EXC Nota’s Crew Sweetness
EXC Starry’s Lucky Luke
EXC Whoonehults Crash Boom Bang

Öppenklass hanar (15)
EXC-1 CK BH4 R-CERT Allettes Royal Orion
EXC-2 CK Casadis Sparkling Galaxy
EXC-3 Jelistaz Prince White Polestar
EXC-4 Carry On Ted Tonks
EXC Bellzelius Nico Del Rey
EXC Bromstick Racing Briioni
EXC Chase Me Trick Or Treat
EXC Jelistaz Prince The Great White
EXC Minjimba Ridge Silver Secret
EXC Nota’s Crew Careless
EXC Pompeca’s Garnet Grade Quarry
EXC Twyborn Flip’´n Fly
EXC Zelig My Kinsman
VG Revision Of Gentle Mind
VG Tappinskis Acclaim

Championklass hanar (7)
EXC-1 CK BH1 BIM DK UCH SE UCH Skräddaregårdens Xante Zanzibar [BIM]
EXC-2 CK BH3 DK UCH FI UCH NO UCH SE UCH SE VCH Age Quod Agis Clash Of The Titans
EXC-3 SE UCH Aaniston Come Upstairs
EXC-4 SE UCH SE V-22 Jelistaz Prince Blue Rain Man
EXC SE JV-17 SE UCH Jelistaz Prince Starlight
EXC FI UCH SE UCH Khalibadh Famous
EXC NO UCH Shirin’s Rocket Man

Veteranklass hanar (1)
EXC-1 Pompeca’s Beijing Emperor [BIM Veteran]

Juniorklass tikar (11)
EXC-1 CK BT4 R-CERT Jelistaz Princess Of Memory Hill [BIS Junior]
EXC-2 CK Equus Duchess af Lilla Skattåsa
EXC-3 Come La Neve Between The Sheets
EXC-4 Rhetsgis By The Book
EXC Country Blue Oceanen
EXC Jelistaz Princess Of Sweet Memory
EXC Whip It’s A State Of Wonder
EXC Whip It’s Girl With No Name
EXC Whip It’s Mapmaker’s Wife
EXC Whip It’s Mother Of God
G Calling You Gazelle

Unghundsklass tikar (12)
EXC-1 CK Undimoon Vildros [BIM Unghund]
EXC-2 CK Undimoon Phoebe
EXC-3 Magic Colour Princess Viking
EXC-4 Undimoon Vildhjärta
EXC Allettes R L Olivias
EXC Bellzelius Icy Spicy
EXC Dynamiteboom I Want It All
EXC Whoonehults Watercolours In Rain
VG Carry On Age Quod Agis
VG Delaklin’s Dressed For Success
VG Skräddaregårdens Viljas Balalaika
VG Twin Hills Sinéad

Öppenklass tikar (31)
EXC-1 CK BT-3 CERT Allettes Ruz Barbie Benton NY CHAMPION
EXC-2 CK Starry’s Karamell
EXC-3 CK Siprex Yppop
EXC-4 CK Twyborn Butterfly Flip
EXC CK Khalibadh Glen Moray
EXC CK Magic Colour Blond Sail
EXC CK Undimoon Aphrodite
EXC Allettes Royal Dancing On Air
EXC Camyrra’s Skyrim
EXC Carry On Just A Notion
EXC Carry On Nothing Really Matters
EXC Cocoliso Mary Poppins
EXC Collooney Candy Coated Pasharif
EXC Come La Neve Galadriel
EXC Courtborne Sura
EXC Jelistaz Princess Blue Tiger
EXC Macawe Man’s Best Friend
EXC IT CH Macawe Marie-Ondine
EXC Magic Colour Shape Of Glory
EXC Minjimba Ridge Gentle Sea Breeze
EXC Noritzas Cherrilee
EXC Play A While Trivselvänligt
EXC Quidditch Twenty Four Carat Gold
EXC Skräddaregårdens Xante Zalza
EXC Whippom Princess Alpha
EXC Whiteheads Yennefer At Rhetsgis
EXC Zelig When The Hunt Goes By
VG Burnt Sienna Ginetta
VG Noritzas Pinkie Pie
VG Whoonehults Billie Jean
VG Zelig All Heads Turn

Championklass tikar (9)
EXC-1 CK BT1 BIR C.I.B. DK UCH DK V-22 FI JV-18 SE JV-18 SE UCH SE V-22 SE&DK UCH Aaniston Arrrrr [BIS]
EXC-2 CK BT2 SE UCH SE V-19 US CH Snow Hill After Midnight
EXC-3 CK DK UCH NO UCH SE UCH Bellzelius Luna de La
EXC-4 CK DK UCH FI UCH SE UCH Magic Colour Sugar Candy
EXC CK DK UCH SE UCH Albicans Up And Away
EXC CK SE UCH Jelistaz Princess Bronze Mole
EXC CK DK UCH SE UCH SE VCH Skräddaregårdens Qantarell Xanté
EXC CK SE JV-19 SE UCH Undimoon Desdemona
EXC CK NO UCH SE UCH Undimoon Ophelia

Veteranklass tikar (1)
EXC-1 CK Adagio Wotalotigot [BIS Veteran]

Avelsklass (3)
1 HP Age Quod Agis Clash Of The Titans (Jelistaz Prince Down Memory Lane, Carry On Filius Flitwick, Jelistaz Princess Of Memory Hill, Jelistaz Princess Of Sweet Memory)
2 HP Hjortronblommas Quick Dance (Undimoon Vildhjärta, Undimoon Vildros, Undimoon Desdemona, Undimoon Ophelia)
3 HP Jelistaz Princess Eowyn (Jelistaz Prince White Polestar, Jelistaz Prince Blue Rain Man, Jelistaz Princess Blue Tiger, Jelistaz Princess Bronze Mole)

1 HP Undimoon (Undimoon Vildhjärta, Undimoon Vildros, Undimoon Desdemona, Undimoon Ophelia)
2 HP Jelistaz (Jelistaz Prince White Polestar, Jelistaz Princess Of Memory Hill, Jelistaz Princess Of Sweet Memory, Jelistaz Princess Blue Tiger)
3 HP Carry On (Carry On Filius Flitwick, Carry On Ted Tonks, Carry On Age Quod Agis, Carry On Nothing Really Matters)
4 HP Allettes (Allettes Royal Orion, Allettes R L Olivias, Allettes Royal Dancing On Air, Allettes Ruz Barbie Benton)

BIS Bellzelius Icy Spicy, Bellzelius Luna De La Reina, Adagio Wotalotigot

BIS Jelistaz Prince The Great White, Jelistaz Princess Blue Tiger

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