Årslista nosework 2018

NW 1
VG's nosar susie volf 226p (3)
Bling'z Agate 205p(2)
Golden whip H-D's princess pearl 192p(3)
Idomic's el moni maker 172p(2)
Lawtones holly and the ivy 165p(5)
Pompeca's forever love to meide 146p(2)
Pompeca's blue sapphire quarry 119p(3)
Noggerdog's lagerkrans 100p(1)
Springeldens just a minute 94p (2)
Idomic's el JC midget 91p(2)
Bling'z Angelit 75p (1)
Idomic's el roquepine 48p(1)
Twyborn judy becker 25p(1)

NW 2
Bling'z Agate 266,5p (7)

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