The Whippet Club of Scotland
Joint Whippet Clubs’ Championship Show 26th August 2017

Judge; Mrs Ann Snelgrove
Huntinghill Whippets

MPD (5,0abs)
1st Heads – Demerlay Snowy Owl
2nd McKenzie – Courtborne Timmy At Aberlake (imp. Nor
3rd Purvis & Johnston – Danluke Death By Chocolate For Rheagar
PD (9,1abs)
1st Newton’s – By Design Of Nevedith BPD and BPIS
2nd Russell’s – Glantam Genesis
3rd Poole – Edenwhip Quantum Of Solace
JD (6,1abs)
1st Howgate & Hulls – Palmik Whisper Again J.W
2nd Winders – Burnt Sienna Piano
3rd Harris’ – Zoraden Surprise Party
YD (5, 0abs)
1st Shepherds – Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW ShCM
2nd Marston-Pollock’s – Falconcrag Another Class
3rd Thirds – Windfly Onner Blue Moon At Bruntsfield
ND (6, 1abs)
1st Heads – Demerlay Snowy Owl; 1st in MPD
2nd Dargues – Supetas Just Call Me Special
3rd Langcake & Shorts – Langshor The Midas Touch

GD (7,1abs)
1st Ellams – Tarward Jaguar
2nd Russell’s - Palmik Depeche Mode
3rd Morris & Waddell – Burnt Sienna Wind Chimes At Crosscop (imp. Swe)

PGD (7, 1abs)
1st Poole’s – Crosscop No Matter What
2nd Heads – Promised You A Miracle Da Roseira Brava At Demerlay
3rd Wilsons – Leos Ritchoal At Willowash

LD (18, 4abs)
1st Shaw-Rainey, Rainey & Coulter – Collooney Keltic Cowboy With Starchelle
2nd Cuthbert’s – Whipplei Body Of Proof At Lunaire
3rd Whyte’s – Marvidara Best Man JW

OD (14,1abs)
1st Winders – Burnt Sienna Sandstone Quarry DCC & RBIS
2nd Whiteheads – Ch.Citycroft High Society JW RCC
3rd Newton’s- Nevedith Zufor Zeffa JW

VD (4,0abs)
1st Russell’s – Ch. Willingwisp Star Trooper BVD & BVIS
2nd McKenzie – Willingwisp Moon Dust At Aberlake
3rd Skelleys – Infamous Cornelius Of Ringmore (Imp. Nor)

VB (8, 2abs)
1st Wilsons – Pipijay Celestial Gaze At Speymalt ShCM . BVB & RBVIS
2nd Skelleys – Ringmore Fleur De Lys
3rd Lawrences – Kierpark Memphis Bell With Bryntreia

MPB (10,0abs)
1st McLeans – Citycroft Firenze For Loualba
2nd Howgate & Hulls – Palmik Misty Eve
3rd Marston-Pollock’s – Falconcrag That’s My Girl

PB (11,2abs)
1st Service – Crosscop I Love My Life
2nd Howgate & Hulls – Palmik Misty Eve 2nd in MPB
3rd Wallers – Crosscop Glittering Prize To Wrennalla

JB (10, 3abs)
1st Home & Fisher-Home – Citycroft Crème Caramel Of Jasarat JW CC & BIS
2nd Quirks – Almakaeala In My Dreams
3rd Allen’s – Zoraden Sweet Surprise

YB (10, 4 abs)
1st Smith & Lorbri – Danluke Dolly Parton At Lorbri
2nd Marston-Pollock’s – Falconcrag Cover Girl
3rd Heads – Demerlay Luck Be A Lady

NB (12, 1abs)
1st McLean’s- Citycroft Firenze For Loualba 1st MPB
2nd Heads – Starkindler Stella Light Of Demerlay
3rd Allen’s- Zoraden Sweet Surprise

GB (13, 6abs)
1st Oliphant’s – Ranveli Red Alert At Edengrove (AI)
2nd Burtons – Cornstalk Parti Girl
3rd Corsar – Crosscop I Believe At Chamhembe

PGB (16, 6abs)
1st Woodward, Lawrence, Howgate & Hull’s – Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn J.W
2nd Winkley-Balmer & Bryant – Crosscop Wishing On A Star
3rd Hardcastle & Dillon – Collooney Nickers In A Twist

LB (27, 4abs)
1st Hooper’s – Torbers Satin And Lace
2nd Green & Place – Collooney Queen Of Dragons With Brochinbelle JW
3rd Meakins – Oakbark Miss Bossy Boots

OB (9, 2abs)
1st Howgate & Hull’s – Ch. Palmik En Vogue JW ShCM
2nd Shorts – Ch. Collooney Tartan Tease JW
3rd Shorts – Ch. Collooney Whoopee Do Dora JW

Special Open Dog or Bitch (10, 1abs)
1st Thirds – Tango Time Of Bruntsfield
2nd Thirds – Windfly Onner Blue Moon At Bruntsfield
3rd Skelleys – Ringmore Code Of Conduct

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